Many of us come from different denominational backgrounds. To some of us, the concept of worshipping through the Christian calendar is both brand new and unfamiliar. Others may feel that this worship practice reminds them of old places of hurt and ritual. Whatever your background may be, I invite you to worship with us and allow God to speak once again through scripture and the retelling of His story. The whole story of Jesus Christ continues to renew us and we want to learn from every detail of His life. If you are struggling, please feel comfortable to ask questions. Let’s step forward into discovering how Christ desires to transform our ordinary into His extraordinary.

Herald is our theme for the Advent and Christmas seasons this year. Both seasons are full of messengers announcing the coming and arrival of Jesus the Messiah. In times past, God spoke to his people through heralds, and these heralds continue to speak to us in the present. Take time each day during these seasons to listen to the Lord. 

Be Active In His Love,

Pastor Kris